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carekeepers of Mother Earth

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Rainbow Medecine Blanket: teachings for carekeepers of Mother Earth

Greetings Family of Living Light,

I know the following text is long, but it felt too important to me to
refrain from sending it. Cosmic teachings for Rainbow
warriors/healers. Hope you'll apreciate... Sunbôw

The Rainbow Medicine Blanket

by Carol Perez Petersen
Dec 4th, 2006

Hello my friends I have been working hard with my Andean Council and I
have a message from them. I apologize for the length of it. However
words be that as they are translate from culture to culture with
necessary consideration for interpretation. May you be blessed upon
reading this.
Elk Looks Back

The Rainbow Medicine Blanket

A galactic message from Carol Perez Petersen
Dedicated to Grand Chief Robert Woableza LaBatte
Please share this message.

I am Carol Perez Petersen a member of the Council of Mystical
Knowledge in the tradition of one of the few remaining unbroken
environmental portal lineages in the world. The Aymara Nation sends
you a message. We are concerned about the devastation of the effects
of world warming.

The Consejo del Saber Mystico Qulla, in strict accordance with its
mission and vision, and as a complementary function of Aymara
spirituality given by our sacred ancestors, has the firm conviction
of its obligation to renew the values and practices of the thousands-
of-years old Aymara culture, so as to strengthen, energize and
activate this relevant Andean culture. For the first time the Aymara
culture is opening their portal to all keepers of their hearts
traditions. Our very lives and way of living teach us that we are
whole cosmic beings part of this sacred Mother Earth and that we are
fully integrated to our Cosmic Father, our Grand Mother Moon, and our
perpetual guides. Because of this, and above everything else, we
maintain a clear conscience of the need to sustain in complete harmony
and equilibrium the four basic natural elements: sun, air, water and
earth --- the absence of any one of these having an irreversible
effect on our lives. From our temple at Tiwanaku, we seek to connect
with other sacred sites of the world for the purpose of meditating and
praying to try to stop the forthcoming natural phenomena, which will
take place with the greatest force within a period which will not
surpass ten years.

Maestro Valentin Mejillones Acarapi

Sacred sites are marked near fault lines, mountains, volcanoes,
canyons, caves, springs, thermals and river mouths. They are vortexes
caused by natural and cosmic pressure. We recognized a greater power
than ourselves and sought communion with the natural world through
animal behavior. We inscribed a system with symbols found in
petroglyphs, medicine wheels, step pyramids, stone temples and the
dwellings of ancient cultures to remind us of our place in the great
mystery. They're instrumental in keeping earth energies in balance.
We're discovering sacred sites like the recent step pyramid in Bosnia.
Most sites are buried, built over, dammed up and bombed. The basic
physiological factors in keeping your body healthy can be compared to
Earth Mother's eco-system. The sacred sites reflex to different parts
of the eco system of the world. The vortexes of Earth Mother are
liken to the pressure point system and the chakra system of all heart
organ life.
The present day cultures of the remaining Aboriginal Nations are
speaking prophetic messages on further disasters to come. We must
listen to them and learn through their slow steady traditions song and
language how to keep the spirits of nature in balance. They have sent
out many pleas for help for their sacred land sites are drowning from
dams while the forests are disappearing and rivers are rapidly
becoming poisoned. Yet their songs are still sung with strong hearts.
Do not be discouraged by fear.Through fasting and prayer, a pathway
opened for the warrior/ healer to enter into the spirit world to bring
a message, to understand how to live with balance in beauty. You are
the warrior/healer I honor for you see with your inner eye and speak
with your heart. We are all related. You know not to condemn another
with opinions about religion, politics, gender or sexuality. You
battle with yourself to find your own truth. You move to a different
rhythm which is to the universe inside you. You discovered the great law:

All is born of Women and let no harm come to the children.

Global stress is humanities dysfunction of the great law and
disconnection to the sacred sites on the earth. What is the meaning
of time is the question now becoming the pressure cooker of the Golden
Age. Whereas we are regaining our senses as co creator, we are all
about timing. The science in spirituality is to be found in the co
creative energies set through super conscious abilities to feel
unconditional love at the environmental portals worldwide. The
metaphysical healers are at the threshold of discovering relationships
akin to the indigenous spiritual medicine elders on Mother Earth.
Botanists are finding nitrogen from salmon in the genetics of a tree
while physicists are discovering DNA is connected to galaxies far
away. Each chakra spins according to different star systems. Ascended
mastery spoken by those who guide offer hope through compassionate
understanding of relationships. All feeling our sentient nature is
resonant in the awakening of the global heart.

Your heart rhythm is electrically charged from celestial and atomic
radiant waves present in the rainbow. It is what your aura looks
like. The electrical charge that romances your heart beat is
connected to the heart light rhythm of Earth Mother. Spirituality is
the essence of Earth Mother. It is the song of the whale; it is the
geometry of flight. Heart rhythm connected to sun and planetary
radiance is scientific wisdom: The Sacred Law of Life. Love is
practical science which can be found in communal migrations of earth
vortexes: The Golden Gateway

The importance of returning to the sacred sites during the SOLSTICE
and EQUINOX is in response to a world in crisis affecting the future
of our children. We are the solution. Earth vortexes detoxify
negativity, stimulate and strengthen relationships. Due to the
disruption of the Earth's nervous system a natural law understood by
the aboriginal peoples, we are at the effect of rapid polar migration
and extreme weather.
We have a challenge to stay in balance to the Earth as warrior/
healers of a cosmic kind. Today churches, hospitals, and cemeteries
are the most common visible vortex reflex sites. They were built on
the grounds where ancient civilizations came to commune in celestial
wonder. Like you I have found many places in the wild far from the
cities where there is peace profound in the silence of nature.Earth
Mother is in the conscious hands of soul midwives. Soul families
choose a being whose human nervous system can handle the enlightenment
process. In order to be a warrior/healer you must be cracked open.
They are the surrogates who through selflessness observe the feeling
realm and allow discord to purify through the compassionate heart of
the soul families they represent. This is based on Hermetic law
written by the pyramid makers. Our star ancestors left a map on the
earth one that is a key to universal knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

Many are called but few are willing to make the sacrifice one of
disciplined spiritual science. Those who are adept forged by the
fires purification are galactic stewards. Greater works is the
mission of the Rainbow Medicine Blanket caretakers of Mother Earth's
Children. It is inside you and you must make the choice to discover
how to turn on the energy reflex point on the earth and bring down the
galactic template. Elders of Arcane knowledge have looked to the
Masters of the Andes for this wisdom.

This is your invitation from Tiwanaku and the Council of Mystical
Knowledge to those who wish to serve and harmonize your earth body
temple with the Rainbow Medicine Blanket template. Gather together at
the earth reflex sites known by the indigenous ones. Parallel
universes exist in subtle resonance. They are to Earth Mother as to
other planets in our universe and to the cosmos. I ask that you
become your destiny with me as a rainbow warrior/healer and gather
where your heart leads. Be gentle with Earth Mother in a heartfelt
way. I see you in the hospitals, in the mountains, in your church or
medicine wheel sending a message to Earth Mother a prayer of
thanksgiving and peace. I see us as co creators of sovereignty the
kind of freedom that uses no words or sees borders. We are one body,
with one Mother Earth. We are the immune system of the water, air,
earth and spirit.

So please consider my promise to you. When the reflex points are
attended to in the manner of sacred law you will rise up and be filled
with heaven on earth covered inside and out with the shinning beauty
of the rainbow. This is the beauty way of the Red Road.

Blowing of the Conch: A synchronistic gathering on Mother Earth in
celebration of Grandfather Sun the Light and the promise of the
Rainbow... We Call You We Call You We Call You

Millions of indigenous people worldwide feel this calling and they
prepare for the alignment of cosmic influences at a place that is
sacred to them. The Power of Sacred and Natural Law cannot be
restrained it can only be respected. This insures survival of the
species of all living matter on Earth Mother.

Become ONE with the sacred measure of Time.

Solstice and Equinox

How you can participate: This is for those of you who have indigenous
traditions or like minded community. Talk with your friends and decide
where to go, who to gather with and use this invitation. Go where you
feel is more powerful and can benefit the most for all. This sacred
measure of timing happens 4 times a year. Follow your heart.

There will be no exchange of money. However I pray that those who do
go to sacred sites during the year would consider arranging the timing
of your journey to follow Earth Mother's timing according to the stone
records of Indigenous calendars.

Suggested Rainbow Medicine Blanket Manifestation Template Meditation

Many of you follow a respected Clan Mother, a medicine woman, a chief,
a Guru, a spiritual healer/ leader or a native lodge or a metaphysical
center. This may be your circle. I honor you. It is important to
show up and make the plans to harmonize the rainbow template at the
places of power in the way of respecting the teachings you follow.

My mother is 80 years old and she is born in Masatepe, Nicaragua. Her
village means the place of the Deer. She has traveled to the sacred
temples of the Far East, Israel, Egypt, India, Australia, Turkey and
Hawaii, Mexico and Central America, South America and many small
islands. When she arrived in the United States she was guided at the
age of 20 and without a penny. There was a lay off in Mexico City
because her seat was given to a soldier. The airline put her in a
hotel and she met a honeymoon couple who on their sacred day took my
mother into their heart and showed her around. Back on the plane she
was befriended by a beautiful woman who was the reigning queen of the
Pasadena Rose Parade. She brought my mother to her aunt's home and
they paid for her bus ticket to San Francisco. Her first job was a
seamstress and she worked the machine fast making 35 maternity skirts
a day. This is my beginning. I was born in San Francisco on a sacred
site where a hospital was built. This site has an alignment with
Mars. My father has spiritually and financially supported her in all
her travels. Many of us are called to distant places without
understanding yet are fulfilling a destiny. My mother is a courageous
model of spirituality and faith and my father was her sacred soldier
of protection with a purple heart. It is my condor blood that enables
me to join with you in the spirit of my deep abiding love for Earth
Mother and my own mother and my eagle heart that is able to share this
vision with you. In my mother's words:

Oh Love who set me free. Such a love shall hallow me.

My meditation suggestion is: Stand or sitting just be comfortable
concentrate on how you feel. I firmly believe that our connection is
sacred. The spirituality of our natural world must be affirmed in the
practical science of Sacred and Natural Law relationships. When we
live in balance with the environment then democracy will proceed
according to the timely rhythm of sacred law with the galactic center.

INHALE: Breathe up from the heart of the Earth all the way filling
your spinal column, the chakra energy centers nourishing every system
and organ, holding the heart of earth mother in your heart for a few
seconds while bringing the breath up through the top of your head to
the heart of the heavens. Then to give all love while you are still
in the inhale and inhale the rainbow from the heart of the heavens.
The rainbow is the bridge between heaven and earth and is the finest
celestial matter visible to the eye. It is what we are made of in

EXHALE: Bring it down through the top of your head and down through
the spinal column, nourishing all physiology and organs, the chakra
systems while having the scent of love and perfume of gratitude and
sending this as a personal gift back to the heart of earth mother. Do
this while keeping grounded and continue as the ascended mastery of
healing comes through you to every thought you feel and see for seven
times seven.

To All My Relations

I ask that this message be kept in its entirety with respect to the author.

Make you walk in Beauty and Be the Rainbow

Carol Perez Petersen

Consejo de Saber Mystico Qulla, Aymara, El Alto La Paz Bolivia
Consejo Ancianos Spirituales del Sur
Consejo Ancianos de las Naciones Indígenas de la Argentina



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