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Dear Friend,
I want to apologize for this message. I hope you will excuse me.
My name is Valentin. I'm 25 years and I live with my mother Elena in small town in Russia. My mother cannot see and authorities pay her little indemnity which not enough even for medicaments.
I work very hard to buy necessity and medicaments for my mother but my salary very small.
Situation is hopeless in our region and we afraid what local boilerhouse can stop heat our home. Winter is coming and temperature can become up to minus 30 degrees in the near weeks. We do not know what to do and we very afraid.
Thanks to free internet in our library and library-computer I finded different emails and I decided to appeal to you for help.
If you have any old sleping-bag, warm blanket, warm clothes and shoes, portable heater, tin and dry food, vitamines, medicament against cold flu, gygien-products, I will be very grateful to you if you can send it to our adress.
If you think it better or easier for you to help with some money, please write to me back and I write to you how to send its safe. This way to help is very good because in this case I will be able to buy a portable stove and heat our home during all winter.
I pray what this hard situacion will become better very soon in our country.
I do not know if I will can send you message in December, therefore take this opportunity, I want beforehand to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Wish you all the bests,
Our adress:
Valentin Michaylin,
Ulica Truda 24 - 8,
Kaluga. 248000,

Valentin <vmi@mailrus.ru>
of mwinf6103.orange.nl ha ha ha ha


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